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Course Description

 Business Objects Enterprise 4.x  is a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution for  delivering powerful, interactive reports to end users through any web application i.e intranet, extranet, Internet or corporate portal.The main audience for this course is system architects and IT administrator who have responsibility to maintain SAP BOB intelligence platform servers.

 Highlight features:

  • It  gives a solution for increasing end-user productivity and reducing administrative efforts.
  • SAP Business 4.x will only be a 64-bit release and will support Tomcat 6 with Java 1.6.
  • The web services are server-side components that process requests from client applications and communicate the requests to the appropriate server.
  •  By installing SAP Business objects enterprise easily provide you all new features and fixes implemented in 4.x FP 3, more over the documents which are labelled as FP3 can be used for SP4.
  • Due SAP Business Object Enterprise learning of CMC and CCM would be easier for you

Some of the new applications introduced in SAP Business objects Enterprise 4.x are as following :

    1.  Upgrade management tool.
    2.  Monitoring.
    3.  The information design tool.
    4.  Repository management.
    5.  Connection management  .  

 Course Duration : 30 hrs

 Mode of Training : Live instructor –led hands on training

Course Contents

  •  Business Objects and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform        
  •  SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform architecture


  •  Installing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform – Server-side installation
  •  Installing SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform – Client-side installation

  • Using the Central Manager Console (CMC)
  • Using the Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  • Managing the Web Application Servers

  • Managing the Central Management Server and system database
  • Managing Auditing

  •    Managing the File Repository Servers
  •    Using the Repository Diagnostic Tool

  •    Understanding Adaptive Job Servers
  •    Understanding Adaptive Processing Servers

  •   Managing the Crystal Reports Servers

  •     Managing Web Intelligence Servers

  • Managing the Dashboard Design Servers

  • Configuring the Connection Server and Connection Server 32

  •  The role of the Explorer Servers
  •  Using the Repository Diagnostic Tool

  •  Understanding the Event Servers

  •  Troubleshooting SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform

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