Course Description

SAP HANA Admin is an in-memory platform for processing high volumes of data in real-time.

HANA allows data analysts to query large volumes of data in real-time. HANA’s in-memory database infrastructure frees analysts from having to load or write-back data. HANA’s columnar-based data store is ACID compliant and supports industry standards such as  SQL and MDX.

HANA also includes a programming component that allows a company’s IT department to create and run customized application programs on top of HANA, as well as a suite of predictive, spatial and text analytics libraries across multiple data sources. Because HANA can run in parallel to a source SAP ERP application, analysts can access real-time operational and transactional data and not have to wait for a daily or weekly report to run.

SAP HANA can be deployed on-site as an appliance or purchased as a managed cloud or hybrid- cloud service. SAP HANA was previously called SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance.


  • Basics of SQL, Database & Data Warehouse
  • Who Should Join this Training
  • Someone who is looking for a career in SAP HANA Database.
  • Someone who is a SAP Consultant and wants to add SAP HANA skills.

Course Duration : 30-35 hours

Mode of Training: Live instructor-led hands on training

Course Contents

  • SAP HANA components
  • SAP HANA scenarios
  • SAP HANA guides

  • SAP HANA persistence
  • Sizing SAP HANA
  • Scale out SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA studio for administrator
  • DBA Cockpit

  • Preparing SAP HANA installation
  • Reviewing SAP HANA installation
  • Post–installation steps
  • Auditing

        • Starting and stopping SAP HANA
        • Backup and recovery
        • Enabling high availability of SAP HANA

          • Configure data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)
          • Configure data replication with SAP Data Services
          • Configure Direct Extraction Connector (DXC)

              • Monitoring with SAP HANA Studio
              • Monitoring with DBACOCKPIT
              • Remote Support

              • Updating SAP HANA
              • Updating SAP HANA Studio

              • Resume Preparation Guidelines and Tips
              • Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation Tips
              • Certification Guidance

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              Course Assignments

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