Today’s retail industry is facing many problems such as intense economic pressures, cut throat competition, and the need to create a sustainable competitive advantage. The retail market place has become immensely challenging one with consumer demand & budgets tightening and retailer consolidation and bankruptcy taking headlines. Now more than ever, retailers are forced to put the microscope on many aspects of their business so that they can cut costs and squeeze out new revenue and margin opportunities, while continuing to provide the right levels of customer service.

Building long lasting customer relationships and minimizing infrastructure costs without jeopardizing services is more important now than it was ever before. For that companies need up-to-the-minute information access and accuracy to enable them to move quickly in such volatile environment.

Access to accurate information has never been more vital to grow revenue, protect margins, and improve profitability. Whether your business is appliances or textiles, grocery or specialty, air cargo delivery or trucking, travel or hospitality, construction or consulting, BI Consulting Group gives everyone in your value chain the answers they need to excel in a highly volatile environment.

Our Consultants use Business Intelligence to turn raw data about customers, merchandise, and operations into compelling information which retailers can use to strengthen customer and vendor loyalty, improve overall profitability, manage supply chains, and gain competitive advantage.

We develop BI solutions that provide the information our retail customers need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas including:

  • Financial and Operational Intelligence: Create dynamic reports to analyze POS, merchandising, supply chain, financial and human resources; Better manage store execution, logistics and distribution, payroll, finances, non-inventory supplies and manpower with dashboards and scorecards; Analyze operating expenses, top-line revenue and margin performance for inefficiencies.
  • Customer Profitability Intelligence: Use up-to-minute information to better understand demand, customer behavior, category performance, and customer satisfaction. Analyze customer transaction patterns and based on past behaviors, patterns and interactions deliver customized shopping experiences; enabling you to better understand who they are and which ones are valuable to your business
  • Retail Supply Chain Intelligence: Supply and demand patterns so that you can quickly respond to out of stock or overstock situations
  • Promotional Intelligence: Promotions and offers so that you can optimize for higher redemption and response
  • Localize Your Business: Assortments so that you can localize for different markets and customer segments
  • Efficient Operations: Key cost drivers in your operation, so that you can operate more efficiently

We see the tremendous potential for generating value by simply facilitating the connection of people, systems, and information. To bring these improvements to practical reality, our consultants provide specialized solutions according to the unique needs of the retail enterprise. Our ultimate goal is to improve the connections that will transform the retail enterprise for greater success. Our retail management software solutions can help you improve efficiency and gain a single view of the customer.

Key Benefits:

  • Better conversion rates across channels
  • Higher customer and basket spend
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Better stock coverage and improved service levels
  • Lower store labor costs
  • Increased EBIT / operating income