Sales & Marketing Analytics

Gone are the days of investing in sales and marketing activities for future returns. Today, management demands to know that each dollar invested is a good one. They want to know if their marketing activities are contributing to company’s profitability or not and if yes to what extent.

By deploying rich and interactive business intelligence based sales and marketing solutions, organizations can get the data they need to make informed decisions. With the right tools in place, sales and marketing teams can demonstrate performance by customers, products and time to show how these investments work.

BI Consulting Group’s services and solutions provide information at your fingertips and enable you to make quick decisions, giving you the intelligence you need to act faster.


  • Align marketing campaigns and pricing policies and plans with sales goals and objectives
  • Identify valuable customers and create customer profiles based on buying patterns.
  • Analyze trends in revenue with regard to region and/or product and monitor each region and product to determine where sales are shifting or declining
  • Integrate performance management features to enhance sales performance, identify the best clients and achieve revenue goals
  • Provide information to the sales force regarding key sales transactions and share the information.
  • Generate accurate customer profiles to provide the sales force with a clearer picture of their client target
  • Fine tune marketing policies for shipping and billing, to allow efficient delivery to customers


  • Identify and retain valuable customers and improve campaign revenue on investment
  • Monitor critical data and build a stable brand by assessing response rates.
  • Synchronize marketing strategies with company financials with a clear view of the effects of marketing efforts on sales, purchasing and production plans
  • Achieve an integrated view of performance and establish performance management metrics for use by the entire marketing team
  • Acquire information on brand performance, customer profiles, product revenue, customer profitability, customer sales growth and market penetration by industry
  • Develop forecasts and plans across departments and regions for promotional campaigns and product lifecycle predictions to retain and acquire more customers
  • Perform market research based on critical information to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and new product plans

Tired of sifting through stacks of printed reports or managing data from  several sources to get to actionable information? Contact us so that we can make your data work for you.