ANSYS Training

ANSYS Training

Ansys is one of the best Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and general-purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software that is widely used in engineering applications to solve the different engineering problems by using a simulation and analysis of engineering designs. Ansys simulation gives engineers the ability to explore and predict how products will work or won't work, in the real world. ANSYS is an analyzing software by ANSYS Inc. which is used for mechanical product design and civil structure designs. It uses computer based numerical techniques to solve problems.

Price: $800.00

Ansys Training offers you everything from beginner level to deep dive learning topics. The Ansys Training Curriculum is designed to shorten your learning curve, sharpen your skills and keep you up-to-date with the latest technology. ANSYS  is a general-purpose Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software that is widely used in the Industry and Academia to solve many different engineering problems through a virtual simulation of the Engineering Designs under consideration. Ansys Workbench is applied to virtual simulate the product operating conditions and helps us to understand its behavior and helps us achieve very good design through simulation and optimization even before the product has been manufactured.

Using Ansys Workbench software we can Simulate problems from Different fields such as Structural, Vibrations, Heat transfer, Fluid Flows, and many more types.



  • Will be able to demonstrate the knowledge on applying the industry leading FEA software ( Ansys Workbench) for solving the real world engineering problems.
  • Will Learn how to Effectively perform static structural Analysis in 3-D, 2-D & 1-D using Ansys Workbench.
  • Will Learn how to Effectively perform Modal Analysis (Type of Dynamic Analysis) using Ansys Workbench.
  • Will Learn how to Effectively perform Thermal Analysis using Ansys Workbench.
  • Will Learn how to Effectively perform Thermo-structural Analysis using Ansys Workbench.
  • Will Learn how to generate good meshes for the Finite Element Analysis.
  • Will learn about the basics of Finite Element Analysis along with basics of Static Structural, Thermal, Modal and Coupled field analysis.
  • Will learn to apply this Ansys Workbench software to their academic and research Projects.



  • S. in engineering or relevant engineering experience.
  • Knowledge of finite element theory recommended.
  • Workshops are based upon working knowledge of Ansys Mechanical.

Target Audience

  • Design, project, mechanical and R&D engineers, and R&D managers.
  • Designers and Engineers who want to upgrade their Skill Set.



After the completion of the program, learners can apply for job roles like:

  • CAE Engineer NVH
  • Safety CAE Engineer
  • CAE Analyst
  • CAE Automation Engineer
  • CAE Durability Engineer


Learners can also pursue higher education in


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Systems Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Robotic Technology



50 hrs

Course Contents


  • Introduction to ANSYS
  • Introduction ACP tools
  • Basic Mechanical terminology
  • Introduction of Geometry and mesh
  • Module Conclusion

Understanding Concepts at Work & Installing Ansys 

  • Working inside Simulation Software
  • Numerical Solution and Results
  • Verification and validation
  • Installation & Interface
  • Module Assignment & Conclusion

Introduction to Ansys Software

  • Introduction to Ansys Engineering Data Manager
  • Introduction to Design Modeler
  • Introduction to Meshing
  • Meshing in Ansys 19.2
  • Meshing in Ansys 2020
  • Introduction to Mesh Testing & Contacts
  • Module Assignment & Conclusion

Static Structural Analysis

  • Introduction to Static Structural Analysis Theory
  • 3-D Static Structural Analysis
  • 2-D Static Structural Analysis
  • 1-D Static Structural Analysis
  • Module Assignment & Conclusion

Modal, Thermal, & Buckling Analysis

  • Modal Analysis
  • Introduction to the Thermal Analysis
  • Introduction to Thermo-Structural Analysis
  • Introduction to the Buckling Analysis
  • Module Assignment & Conclusion

Introduction to Abaqus - hands-on experience performing FEA:

  • A basic tutorial on the use of the commercially available software
  • More advanced topics in element generation
  • Introduction to concepts underlying the creation of "elements" which are used to make the approximation desired.
  • Shear locking
  • Element interpolation
  • Use of the finite element software for more advanced structural, thermal analyses, and basic modal analysis

Case Studies

  • 3 Topics
  • Case Study: I
  • Case Study: II
  • Module Conclusion

Final Project

  • Final Project 1,2,3

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