MATLAB Programming for Engineers

MATLAB Programming for Engineers

MATLAB is a platform used to study data sets, develop models of real-world systems, create algorithms, and solve equations. Engineers use MATLAB to develop, design, simulate, and test their models before it can be developed in the real world. In the field of mechanical engineering, MATLAB is used for solving problems related to dynamic and static systems, mechanical vibrations, control systems, statics, and more. This makes MATLAB a fundamental software tool for mechanical engineers. Electrical engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to develop digital control systems for motors, power converters, and battery systems. A multi-domain block diagram environment for modeling plant dynamics, designing control algorithms, and running closed-loop simulations.

Price: $800.00


  • Learn about numerical & symbolic computing using MATLAB.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills in programming and building algorithms in MATLAB.
  • Implement MATLAB in your work and research.
  • Numerical Methods for Mechanical Engineers
  • Matlab scripting
  • Create and manipulate Matrices which are the key to MATLAB programming.
  • Learn how to use MATLAB in some elementary mathematics problems.
  • Learn how to use MATLAB to produce 2D & 3D graphs.
  • Learn how to build 2D animations in MATLAB.
  • Learn how to use MATLAB as a programming language to build your own Algorithms.
  • Learn how to import and analyze data to MATLAB.
  • Get introduced to the symbolic capabilities of MATLAB.
  • Computer programming in general and the MATLAB language in particular.



  • S. in mechanical, electrical or civil engineering or relevant engineering experience.
  • You should have a basic mathematical background


Target Audience

Design, project, mechanical, electrical and R&D engineers, and R&D managers.



After the completion of the program, learners can apply for job roles in:

  • Research centers
  • Scientific labs
  • Educational institutes
  • Industrial roles


Learners can also pursue higher education in


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive Systems Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Robotic Technology



40+ hrs

Course Contents

  • MATLAB syntax and commands
  • Methods and ways to use commands in different scenarios
  • Manipulation of calculations and comparisons
  • Use of arrays.
  • Functions (plotting, creating animations, creating figures, and more)

  • Manipulator motion using ImageMagick
  • Simulation of a 2R robotic arm manipulator
  • Creating a movie clip with the spatial motions of a robotic arm
  • ‘For’ loop in programming
  • Working of the “hold on” command
  • Arrays and linspace commands

  • Solving piston kinematics equation to calculate volume trace
  • PV diagrams for different operating conditions.
  • Thermodynamic relationships
  • Pressure-volume variations
  • Order of the program
  • Plots & legends used in the graphs
  • Piston kinematics

  • Backward difference formula (BDF) and forward difference formula (FDF) methods to solve ODEs
  • Real use of differential equations
  • How differential equations relate to real-world applications
  • Solving differential equations
  • ODE solvers, syntax of ODEs, and various supplementary commands

  • Polynomials and their best fits
  • PolyFit and PolyVal commands
  • Calculating errors
  • Sum of squares regression (SSR)
  • Sum of squares error (SSE)
  • Sum of squares total (SST)

  • Optimization techniques
  • Working on the genetic algorithm
  • Genetic algorithm syntax and finding the global maxima
  • Stalagmite functions and how it works
  • Population size, number of generations, fitness value, and termination of further generations
  • Introduction to Programming With MATLAB
  • M-Files In MATLAB
  • Inputs & Outputs Commands In MATLAB
  • fprintf Function In MATLAB

  • The If, elseIf, else Statements In MATLAB
  • For & While Loops In MATLAB
  • Logical Operators (and, or, xor, not) In MATLAB

  • Import Spreedsheets from Excel To MATLAB
  • Import & Analyze Data from Text Files To MATLAB

  • Getting Started with Symbolic Math Toolbox In MATLAB
  • Differentiation In MATLAB
  • Limits In MATLAB
  • Integration In MATLAB
  • Solving Algebraic Equations In MATLAB
  • Solving Differential Equations In MATLAB

  • Solving One Non Linear Equation In MATLAB Using Fzero Function
  • On Solving Multiple Non Linear Equations In Matlab Using Fsolve
  • Application Multi Level Inverte

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