Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI Training

  • 30-35hrs
  • Hands On Assignments
  • Project Based Scenario
  • 10+yrs exp Trainer
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Lifetime access to Course Material.

Price: $750.00

Gain a 360° overview of how to explore and use Power BI to build impactful reports. In this course, you’ll go from zero to hero, as you discover how to use this popular business intelligence platform through hands-on exercises. You’ll first learn how to confidently load and transform data using Power Query and the importance of data models, before diving into creating visualizations using Power BI’s drag-and-drop functionality. You’ll also learn how to drill-down into reports and make your reports fully interactive. Lastly, you'll level-up your skills using DAX formulas (Data Analysis Expressions) to create customized calculated columns and fields to better analyze your data. Get started now. You've got the power!

Getting Started with Power BI:

Discover how to navigate this intuitive tool and get to grips with Power BI’s Data, Model, and Report views. You’ll load multiple datasets in the Data view, build a data model to understand the relationships between your tables in Model view, and create your first bar graph and interactive map visualization in Report view. You’ll also practice using Power Query Editor to prep your data for analysis.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Features of Power BI
  • Getting started!
  • Loading existing reports
  • Your first visualization
  • Add a card
  • Slicers and Tables
  • Slicers
  • More columns
  • Table
  • Transforming data
  • Cleaning data
  • Power Query Editor
  • Transform before load
  • Field aggregation
  • Transforming and formatting columns
  • Transforming columns
  • Formatting currency
  • Making maps with geographic data

Visualizing Data:

It’s time to power-up your business intelligence skills! Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to change and format a wide range of visualizations, before moving on to sorting data and creating hierarchies—making it possible for you to drill into your reports. Lastly, you’ll discover how to filter the information in your reports by location and control how these filters interconnect and interact with other visuals in your report.

What you will learn:
  • Visualization options
  • Making changes
  • Changing visuals
  • Editing properties
  • Sorting and more formatting
  • Sorting data
  • Using the slicer
  • Making it look good
  • Drilling down and filtering
  • Working with hierarchies
  • The underlying data and hierarchies
  • Looking at the data
  • Creating a hierarchy
  • Filters
  • Adding a filter
  • Turning off interactions
  • Applying advanced filtering
  • Choosing the right visual

Creating Calculations with DAX:

You’ll learn how to create customized calculations using Microsoft's formula language, DAX (Data Analysis Expressions). Very similar to how formulas are written in Excel, you'll learn how to create calculated columns and tables—and when you should use them. You'll then progress to writing powerful calculated measures, leveraging Power BI's Quick Measures, to create complex DAX calculations like year over year change.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to DAX
  • Calculated tables and columns
  • Generating passwords
  • Nested function
  • Profit column
  • Calculated measures
  • Average function
  • Product count
  • Profit margin ratio
  • Calculated measures and Quick Measures
  • Calculate function and Quick Measures
  • Calculate function
  • Your first Quick Measure
  • Time-based calculations
  • CALCULATE() and dates
  • Prior year profits
  • Quarter over quarter change

Target Audience:

  • Consultants
  • Implementation experts
  • Architects
  • Developers

Course Requirements:

  • A basic understanding of data warehousing.
  • It is preferable to have pre-basic SAP BW

Duration : 30 hrs

Course Contents

  • Guided Learning for Power BI
  • Using Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI
  • A quick look at the Power BI Service
  • Review this First section of Guided Learning

  • Getting Data
  • Getting started with Power BI Desktop
  • Connect to data sources in Power BI desktop
  • Clean and Transform you data with the query Editor
  • More Advanced Data sources and transformation
  • Cleansing Irregularly Formatted Data Data
  • DAX
  • Additional features paid non paid features/comparison with other visualization tools

  • Modeling
  • How to manage your data relationships
  • Create calculated columns
  • Optimizing Data Models for Better visuals
  • Create measures and work with time-based functions
  • Create Calculated Tables
  • Explore Time-Based Data

  • Visualizations
  • Create and customize simple visualizations
  • How to use Combination Charts
  • Create and format slicers
  • How to use map visualizations
  • How to use tables and Matrixes
  • How to used scatter charts
  • How to use water fall and funnel charts
  • How to use gauges and single number cards
  • How to modify colors in charts and visuals
  • Style your Reports with Shapes, Text boxes and Images
  • Style your reports with page layout and formatting
  • Create Complex Interaction between Visualizations    
  • Duplicate a Report Page
  • Show categories with No Data
  • Customize visuals with Summarization and Category Options
  • Arrange the z-order of report elements
  • Visual hierarchies and drill down behavior
  • R visuals in Power BI

  • Exploring data
  • Use quick insights in the Power BI Service
  • Create and configure a dashboard
  • Ask questions of your data with Natural language
  • Create custom Q & A suggestions
  • Share dashboards with your organization
  • Display visuals and tiles full-screen
  • Edit Title details
  • Get more space on your dashboard
  • Install and configure a personal Gateway

  • Publishing and sharing
  • Publish Reports from Power bi desktop
  • Print and Export Power bi dashboard
  • Manually republish and refresh your data
  • Introducing power bi mobile
  • Create a content pack in power bi
  • Connect to a content pack from a group in Power bi
  • Edit content pack in power bi
  • Integrate OneDrive for business with Power BI
  • Publish a Report to the web from Power BI

  • Introduction to DAX
  • DAX Calculation types
  • DAX Functions
  • Using  variables in DAX Expressions
  • Table Relationships and DAX
  • DAX Tables and Filtering

  • Module Introduction 
  • Continuing our Work and why we need Power BI Service
  • Comparing Power BI Free, Pro and Premium
  • Logging in to Power BI Service
  • Understanding the Interface
  • Importing our Data from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service
  • Understanding the Dataset Menu
  • Working on Reports
  • Introducing Dashboards 
  • Exploring our Workspace 
  • Data Refresh
  • Understanding Gateways 
  • Comparing Personal and On-Premise Gateway and Installing a Gateway 
  • Creating a Scheduled Refresh
  • Working alone or Collaborating with Colleagues
  • Collaborating in App Workspaces
  • Sharing the Results
  • Publishing the App 
  • Content Packs from Online Services
  • Power BI Mobile: Installing and Understanding the Mobile App 
  • One Last Thing: Excluding Datasets from Sharing
  • Module Summary

  • Create a dynamic Date Table: Preview 
  • Create a Dynamic Date Table in the Query Editor 
  • Create a Custom Date Table 
  • Create Year to Date, Month to Date and Week to Date Functions 
  • Compare Data between Custom Quarter Periods

  • Power BI Finance Dashboard: Add Current Accounts, Income / Expense, Etc.
  • Activity: Data Structure and Profitability Ratio's
  • Power BI Finance Dashboards: Add Liquidity Ratios to Power BI Finance Dashboard    
  • Activity: Add Liquidity Ratio's to the Finance Dashboard 
  • Power BI Finance Dashboard: Add Activity Ratios to Power BI Finance Dashboard     
  • Activity: Add Activity Ratio's to your Finance Dashboard 
  • Power BI Finance Dashboard: Debt Ratio's 
  • Activity: Add Debt Ratio's to your Power BI Desktop.   
  • List of Financial Ratio's    
  • Publish your dashboard to the Power BI Service and Share with your teams.   
  • Activity: Publish and share your Power BI Report

Course Assignments


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