SAP BODS 4.2 Accounting Training ✔40 Hrs ✓Hands on Assignments ✓Project Based Scenario ✓10+ yrs exp Trainer ✓Recorded Sessions ✔Lifetime access to Course Material

Price: $850.00

SAP Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and text data processing that allows you to integrate, transform, improve, and deliver trusted data to critical business processes.


  • Knowledge of data warehousing and ETL concept
  • Experience with SQL language
  • Data Warehouse Fundamentals
  • Data Warehouse Architecture and Modeling
  • Basics of SQL, Database & Data Warehouse

Duartion: 40 hours

Mode of Training:  Live instructor –led hands on training

Course Contents

  • What is ERP in Data warehousing.
  • Architecture of Data warehousing.
  • OLTP vs OLAP.
  • Schemas in Data warehousing.

  • SAP DS Modules
  • SAP DS Versions
  • SAP DS Landscape
  • SAP DS Architecture
  • SAP DS Services
  • SAP DS ETL Flow
  • SAP DS vs SAP BW
  • SAP DS vs Other ETL Tools
  • SAP DS with HANA DB
  • SAP DS with BO
  • SAP DS with SAP ERP
  • SAP DS ServicesSAP DS Project overview

  • Create Data stores in DS
  • Connect to SQL Server DB and HANA
  • Copying data from SQL Server DB to HANA with Data services
  • Connecting to SAP HANA
  • Importing a flat file
  • Importing an XML file
  • Importing an Excel worksheet
  • Importing XSD schemas
  • Importing from SQL Server using ODBC
  • Importing from COBOL Copybook
  • Importing SAP ECC using Template Tables

  • Transforms & Category (DI,PF,DQ)
  • Data Integrator – Date Generation
  • Data Integrator – Pivot
  • Data Integrator – Reserve_Pivot
  • Data Integrator – Effective_Data
  • Data Integrator – Hierarchy_Flatterning
  • Data Integrator – Data Transfer
  • Data Integrator – XML_Pipeline
  • Data-Integrator – History _Preserving
  • Data-Integrator – Key _Generation
  • Platform – Case
  • Platform – Map_Operation
  • Platform – Merge
  • Platform – Query
  • Platform – SQL
  • Platform – Validation
  • Data Quality – Country2IDChar
  • Data Quality – GeoCoder
  • Data Quality – Global Address Cleanse
  • Data Quality – Data Cleanse
  • Data Quality – Match

  • BODS Admin Console-Administration
  • Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
  • Substitution Parameters
  • Debugging Usage
  • System Configuration
  • BODS Performance Tuning Techniques

Error handling.

  • Try/Catch Techniques.


  • Implementation of if-else scenario.
  • Data Assessment.

Recovery Mechanisms

  • Job as recovery unit
  • Workflow as a recovery unit
  • Dataflow as a recovery unit

Variables and Parameters

  • Global Variables
  • Local Variables
  • Parameters and it’s types
  • Built-in and Custom functions

Data Assessment

  • Data Assessment using Data Profiler
  • Prerequisites to perform the Data Profiling
  • Types of Data Profiling
  • Importance of validation transform with Data Profiling

Multi-user Development and Environment setup

  • Defining Central repository
  • Difference between Central and Local repository
  • Difference between Secured and Non secure central repository
  • Activation of Central repository from local repository
  • Checking in, Checking out, Getting, Filtering,Checking,Labeling objects from central repository

Migrating Multi-User Jobs

  • Copying contents b/w Central repositories
  • Central repository migration

  • Steps to integrate SAP BW and Data Services
  • Defining an SAP NetWeaver BW Source data store
  • Defining an SAP Net Weaver BW Target data store
  • Steps to Integrate SAP ECC and Data Services
  • Process involved in the data extraction b/w SAP ECC and BODS
  • Creation of SAP Application Data store
  • SAP Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
  • Reading data from SAP Extractors
  • Reading data from SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Setting up the RFC Server interface in BODS Management console
  • Reading the Info Provider through SAP Open Hub Service
  • Creating and running a job to read an Open Hub table
  • Loading into SAP Net Weaver BW 

  • SCD Type1
  • SCD Type2
  • SCD Type3

  • Creating  repository(Local,Central)
  • Exploring the menu options in designer
  • Creating Project, jobflow, data flow, Workflow etc

  • Create Batch job
  • Work with Objects
  • Create data flow
  • Adding Query transform to data flow
  • Using Target tables
  • Execute the jobs

Course Assignments

News forum

Activity 1

SAP Data Services Project Version: 4.2 Support Package 3 ( - 2014-09-02


SQLScript for Source Tables

SQL Script for Target Tables

Material Table - XML

Material - DTD

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