The automotive industry has had a long run of success based on its ability to seamlessly adapt to customer requirements in terms of technology and design. This has given rise to the highest levels of product development and engineering being implemented in conjunction with technology that is futuristic and cutting-edge resulting in greater competition.

The rapid rise of global competition, complex supply chains, surges in costs, booming customer demands, recent economic downturns, and pressure from auto manufacturers to reduce costs and be more responsive have combined to leave absolutely no room for error for automotive manufacturer suppliers. With increasing competition and options available to customers, auto companies are scrambling to maintain and protect their market share. With business intelligence solutions, logistics and supply chain operations can be optimized.

BI Consulting Group understands these challenges. For years we have worked closely with automotive suppliers to develop capabilities to support the industry as it has evolved. Our solutions have enabled our clients to achieve significant operational advantages and greater profitability.

BI Consulting Group tracks, analyzes, develops and implements automotive industry solutions that cover every aspect of this business right from processes like procurement and logistics to product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and after sales. Through our services we strive to provide automotive industry solutions that drive efficiency while significantly reducing production costs for your automotive assembly line without compromising in any way to the quality you showcase. From automotive electronics to automotive manufacturing, we provide solutions that can power the automotive sector with the latest technologies.

Business Solutions for the automotive industry must address the continuous improvement of production flow and cycle times. We understand the unique needs of this industry and their need to have integrated visibility of operations from production planning and scheduling, to purchasing and invoicing. The key challenge before automotive manufacturers is to meet competitiveness in terms of performance, durability, safety and cost, while addressing issues such as:

Integration of multiple mechanical and electronic components
    Combining entertainment, communication and navigation technologies
    Coupling the world of electronics
    Shrinking the lifetime of electronic products to around two years, to support the increasing lifespan of an automobile to around ten years.
    Increasing electronics related defects in high-end vehicles
    Meeting the increasingly tighter regulatory and safety norms.

Automobile players are countering theses challenges by: 

  • Engaging customers for the entire life cycle
  • Reducing new product introduction cycle time
  • Building more efficient vehicles by investing in greener technologies
  • Building a collaborative supply chain
  • Increasing operational efficiencies and agility

    Our automobile domain business expertise combined with integrated solutions based on the core technology pillars of social computing, mobility, cloud computing and analytics for Industrial Manufacturing Segment will help you:

    • Co-Innovate with customers/stakeholders
    • Engage with customers for the entire life cycle.
    • Service the customer anytime, anywhere
    • Build an integrated and responsive supply chain.
    • Create a single view of enterprise performance.
    Increase ROI on marketing and campaigns
    We believe in developing long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals for our automotive clients, including manufacturers and suppliers. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company’s operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships.