Big Data

The data storage conversation, once a tale of megabytes and gigabytes, has quickly moved to terabytes, petabytes, exabytes, and even zettabytes in some industries. Everywhere you look, you see data — and lots of it. For a large enterprise, big data may be in the petabytes or more, while for a small or mid-size enterprise, data volumes that grow into tens or hundreds of terabytes can become challenging to analyze and manage. Organizations are storing a variety of unstructured data from websites, infrastructure logs and sensors, and ecommerce velocity gives less and less time to interpret and act on information.

Today, analyzing Big Data- is becoming a key basis of competition, underpinning new waves of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus. The emergence of big data analytics has permanently altered many businesses’ way of looking at data. Big data can take companies down a long road of staff, technology, and data storage augmentation, but the payoff- rapid insight into never-before-examined data can be huge. As more use cases come to light over the coming years and technologies mature, big data will undoubtedly reach critical mass and will no longer be labeled a trend. Soon it will simply be another mechanism in the BI ecosystem.

BI Consulting Group can help you manage this onslaught with big data analytics for both structured and unstructured big data. Our Big Data solutions will provide you with greater insight than ever for smarter and faster business decisions resulting in increased ROI and business value. Increasing business value and getting big results require a big strategy for collecting, cleansing and correlating, and analyzing big data. BI Consultant Group is all about big strategy. Let our solutions for big data help you find that value.

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