Business Activity Monitoring

Today, corporations are looking to business intelligence (BI) to help them reduce costs and improve business efficiency. One new BI technology that promises to be of benefit is business activity monitoring (BAM), a term used to describe a BI approach that “provides real-time access to critical business performance indicators to improve the speed and effectiveness of business operations.”

BI Consulting Group’s BAM solutions allow you to monitor day-to-day business processes such as customer orders, insurance claims and supply chain operations and provide real-time business analytics on information emanating from transactional data sources including Web services, message queues etc. Our solutions will let you correlate heterogeneous events and patterns for causalities, aggregates, and thresholds based on end-user-defined preferences and models. Moreover the analyzed information can be delivered in the form of alerts in real time to business users when and where they need it. We provide a platform that enables a structured and collaborative problem-resolution process that ultimately helps you optimize business processes. The key benefit of a BAM environment is that operational processes can be monitored and exceptions acted on in close to real time which can provide significant business ROI.

Monitor your business activities in real time and maintain, optimize, and improve business processes and logistical efficiencies with BI Consulting Group’s solutions. Enable people at all levels of operations and logistics management to make immediate observations and take swift action the moment opportunities or problems present themselves.

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