Federal, state, and local governments face unique challenges when it comes to managing performance and effectively executing strategic plans. Legislative reforms, regulatory issues, changing political influences, regularly rotating leadership, declining tax revenues, budget shortfalls, demands for transparency, and escalating constituent demands are just a few of the complexities that can affect Public Sector entities. In addition, it can be difficult to quantify the high-level outcomes of Public Sector organizations, which can complicate relationships with organizational stakeholders, such as citizens. These circumstances create nuances that impact the strategic planning, performance measurement, and performance management processes. As a consequence of the financial crisis, there is great pressure to reduce cost of IT operations. Governments are hence looking at consolidation, virtualization, shared services, use of nonproprietary solutions and other cost-cutting actions to achieve this.

BI Consulting Group understands how these factors can impact Public Sector organizations and we have a proven track record of driving results within organizations at all levels of government, as well as military organizations, educational institutions, quasi-governmental organizations, and other mission-based agencies. Based on each organization’s specific needs, gaps, budget, and opportunities for improvement, we provide solutions and services to fulfill those needs.

BI Consulting Group helps organizations develop, implement, and support results-oriented, integrated, streamlined, and cost-effective solutions. Our flexible and robust delivery models will assist government agencies with budget reductions mandated by government leaders. This will help achieve operational efficiencies within the present budget allocations without cutting corners at quality and functionality.

Our solutions take the tedium out of government data by providing easy-to-use interfaces that anyone can master easily and let you work with tens or hundreds of millions of records at interactive speed.

BI Consulting Group solutions and service give you the power to quickly arrive at data-driven decisions that can increase efficiencies, drive cost savings, and improve program and project management- all while maintaining collaboration, visibility, and transparency across agencies and constituents.

We develop BI solutions that provide the information our customers in state and local government need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas including:

  • Financial and Budgeting Analysis.
  • Human and Social Service.
  • Asset and Infrastructure Analysis.
  • Tax and Revenue Analysis.
  • Program Management.
  • Supply Chain Analysis.
  • Citizen Relationship Management.
  • Anomaly Detection.