The healthcare sector is a uniquely complex industry experiencing rapid, unprecedented change. The near-term outlook for U.S.-based hospitals, health systems, health plans, bio-pharma, and device manufacturers is currently being complicated by legislative changes that are affecting the financing and delivery of care, the economic recovery, as well as growing demand for health services brought about by an aging population and other shifting demographics.

The mega trends driving healthcare are:

  • Complying with regulatory changes
  • Meaningful use of existing mandates
  • Improving clinical outcomes
  • Transformation and modernization of legacy systems
  • Increased focus on the customer
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Integrated care management
  • Bending the cost curve of healthcare

Healthcare costs can quickly spin out of control. Misallocation of resources can quickly bring down quality of care. To keep efficiency and profitability moving in the right direction, you need to see all your key healthcare reporting metrics across hospitals, programs, and regions. You need to cut that data many different ways and share it with key employees in order to manage your business more effectively. All these pressures require information systems that are both agile and adaptive.

BI Consulting Group services allow companies in the healthcare industry to rapidly develop, refine, and adapt BI applications that deliver critical operational information to those who need it and when they need it. Our solutions can rapidly adapt to your needs, keeping you competitive and in compliance. The BI Consulting Group solution gives healthcare providers the power to quickly arrive at data-driven decisions that can improve outcomes and performance, drive cost savings, and enhance patient quality of care and satisfaction- all while keeping pace with the rapidly changing and complex regulatory environment.

With BI Consulting Group solutions healthcare providers can quickly identify inefficiency trends across clinical, financial, and administrative systems, and leverage that insight to improve service-line spending, quality of care, customer satisfaction, and organizational performance.

Some of our focus areas include:

  • HIPAA 5010/ICD-10
  • Legacy system modernization
  • Remote health monitoring
  • E-health initiatives
  • Payer CRM initiatives
  • Health insurance exchanges
  • Health information exchanges

Our solutions enable healthcare organizations to improve quality of care, increase patient satisfaction, and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively while preserving their IT investments.

Key Benefits:

  • Better data for decision making and outcomes
  • Faster billing and collection times
  • Streamlined financial processes
  • Simplified materials management operations
  • Improved staff productivity and HR management
  • Make faster, better business and clinical decisions
  • Shorten discovery-to-commercialization product cycles
  • Improve physician feedback to manufacturers
  • Reduce the time and cost of regulatory compliance