Human Resource Analytics

Human resources are your organizations most valuable assets. To meet ever increasing business challenges, organizations need to maximize the potential of their workforce, while increasing efficiency. This requires insight into the causes and effects of relationships between people, corporate performance, and operational effectiveness.

Human Resources departments across all industries are realizing the benefits of adding business intelligence to their existing operational tools (payroll systems, benefits systems, time entry systems, etc.). Business intelligence allows HR professionals to better leverage their organization’s operational data to ensure compliance with government regulations, provide improved service to the employee base and more effectively manage all matters related to human resources.

BI Consulting Group’s solutions can empower your HR managers with a total and integrated view of costs, performance and resources across all areas of the organization. By strategically leveraging the information contained in human resources (HR) applications and other systems, you can enhance core HR operations; improve resource allocation; maximize employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention; and reduce labor-related costs. Our solutions enable you to build stronger, mutually beneficial relationships with your employees.

BI Consulting Group’s HR analysis solutions enable you to perform:

  • Staffing Analysis.
  • Career Management.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Workforce Management.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Productivity Improvement.
  • Policies Management.
  • Risk Mitigation.

Productivity, profitability and morale do not have to be at odds. But Human Resources professionals often have to make decisions that could affect one or all of them. By using our HR analysis solutions, you can better understand trends and explore tradeoffs. Then share that insight with colleagues and use it to find creative solutions.