Mid-Sized Companies

In this uncertain economy, critical thinking has become more important than ever for businesses that wish to remain ahead of the game. To make the most of valuable resources, and to better control efficiency and productivity,many large companies have depended on business intelligence for answers. However, for many struggling mid-size companies, business intelligence can sometimes seem like a costly and unpredictable investment of time and money. But while business intelligence requires both of these, the benefits for mid-size companies far exceed the momentary losses.

Without Business Intelligence, Mid-Size Companies Lose Money!

A midsized business has across-the-board document generation, reporting, and analysis needs. Unlike big corporations, there is no dedicated business intelligence team to support a sophisticated data warehouse. Data is collected in one relational database and it must serve as the base for all of these needs. Sales and marketing departments need customer related document generation such as quotes, orders, and invoices. Customer service departments need reports for customer issue status and distribution. Operation and finance departments need accounts payable and accounts receivable reports. Management needs to have the flexibility to drilldown and analyze each department’s performance.

With solid business intelligence, you can immediately identify performance problems, data errors, and vital security issues. Once these deficiencies are addressed, our solutions can help exterminate unnecessary inventory, make workers more aware of their successes and failures, and promote faster delivery of information. To further make up for expenses, our business intelligence solutions allow mid-size companies to make better business decisions that will save money and create profits.

BI Consulting Group solutions empower mid-market businesses to seamlessly unify their systems and information to enhance the execution of mission-critical activities, and improve strategic planning and decision-making at all levels. Our solutions help mid-sized companies to tap into the vast amount of raw data in their back-end systems, and leverage it to gain a substantial competitive edge by:

  • Enabling sophisticated reporting and analysis across the business-without draining IT resources
  • Seamlessly unifying data contained in more than 300 sources
  • Improving productivity by providing operational workers with the timely information they need to effectively carry out day-to-day activities
  • Achieving enterprise-wide visibility
  • Sharing information with customers, suppliers, and other third-party stakeholders
  • Automating critical transactions and workflows internally, as well as B2B exchanges with external trading partners
  • Facilitating compliance with regulatory guidelines
  • Proactively ensuring the consistency and quality of enterprise information

As a growing business, your time and resources are extremely valuable. At BI Consulting Group, we understand the need for value-added, time-saving reporting solutions that assist you in simplifying operational data access and delivering usable business intelligence to decision makers fast.