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In this competitive world, making a great product isn’t enough anymore. That means manufacturers can no longer rely on low prices, high quality and on-time delivery alone to keep them on top. These attributes which could be classified as competitive advantages a decade ago are now just requirements to stay in the game. And the rules of the game are constantly changing. Once-thriving manufacturers are now plagued by shrinking profit margins, intensifying competitive pressures, and buyers who have fewer dollars to spend. At the same time, internal operations and external supply-chain activities have become more complex, making them much harder to streamline, track, and control.

With company operations spanning continents the need for an efficient supply-chain network is driving companies to adopt sophisticated manufacturing IT solutions. BI Consulting Group provides comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions, directed towards creating a collaborative network to enable you to enhance profitability and deliver superior customer value. Our manufacturing enterprise solutions and service span the entire manufacturing spectrum, including,