Whether you are a supplier of synthetic, botanical or biological pharmaceutical products, stringent quality, traceability and other regulatory compliance requirements means that tight control and visibility to all aspects of your operations is essential to quality control and maximizing your profits in a dynamic global marketplace. Delivery of innovative products of consistent quality, as well as effective integration of new technologies is the key to your continued success.

Today’s pharmaceutical companies are large and complex with a critical need for information and data. Data crosses the enterprise in the form of research and development, regulatory compliance requirements, test data, drug contraindications, side effects, clinical trials, ingredients and dosage information, doctor and patient information and more.

The most competitive and successful pharmaceutical companies know that accurate, relevant information can make the difference. Track regional sales performance of a new drug. Manage the unknowns of a new overseas supplier. Streamline manufacturing and quality control. Today’s leading companies use custom BI solutions to manage these issues and more.

Business Intelligence gives pharmaceutical and biotech users simplified access to critical data to better identify new drug candidates, track clinical trials, optimize pricing models and align field sales for maximum effectiveness.

BI Consulting Group can help you explore the exact ways you can make a measurable impact by implementing BI solutions. Our solutions help pharmaceutical companies to streamline key operations and enhance decision-making across their entire business. This, in turn, allows them to stay one step ahead of vital industry trends, improve the results of research efforts, increase the efficiency of administrative activities, and minimize overhead expenses.

With our technologies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, as well as clinical research, life sciences, and biotechnology firms can collect and consolidate data from a variety of back-end systems, and leverage it to:

BI Consulting Group develops BI solutions that provide the information our pharmaceutical and biotech customers need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas including:

BI Consulting Group solutions can provide you the flexibility you need to meet the industry’s challenges and capitalize on your opportunities.