Truly scalable business intelligence is never pushed to its limits – it is without limits.

BI applications require flexible and scalable solutions. New BI requirements necessitate that more data be stored, processed and communicated on timely basis. Mergers, acquisitions and the implementation of new systems increase the information requirements for existing BI applications. New government regulations and requirements also impose certain constraints on the BI applications.

In order to successfully achieve information empowerment, business intelligence (BI) applications must be scalable. Applications must continue to function efficiently as new constraints are imposed, including increased data volumes and changing user requirements. To completely address scalability, both infrastructure (technology) and architectural (design of the end-to-end solution) perspectives must be considered.

When it comes to your enterprise business intelligence (BI) strategy, the ability of your underlying architecture to effectively scale to support any number or type of internal or external users, or any kind of reporting and analysis application, can mean the difference between success and failure.

While scalability doesn’t sound glamorous, it has major implications for business intelligence (BI) and reporting strategy If a BI system technically can’t reach thousands of users inside the enterprise and beyond, it’s impossible to deliver the kinds of high-value solutions that enable organizations to better motivate employees, renovate their business processes to reduce cost, and innovate to provide competitive advantage and improved responsiveness to customers and partners. BI Consulting Group’s solutions enable organizations to reduce hardware and maintenance costs associated with deploying mission-critical BI applications, while ensuring that these applications can continue to grow as business requirements change.

But why is the scalability of a BI platform crucial- what are the benefits?:

  • Constantly changing reporting needs: If there’s one predictable thing in business and life, it’s that they’re both unpredictable- As an organization expands and develops, its data sources and types will change too. A highly scalable BI solution enables an organization to respond with agility to its changing reporting needs.
  • BI Return on Investment: Mass BI deployments empower more decision makers with actionable information and therefore delivers better BI Return on Investment.
  • Competitive advantage: Pervasive BI deployments deliver critical business insights to decision makers from across the organization fast, allowing them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and mitigate risk in reduced timeframes.

BI Consulting Group solutions make it easier to adapt to the shifting and expanding needs of enterprise reporting. BI Consulting Group addresses the need for robustness and easy scalability by:

  • Making clustering easier.
  • Introducing the ability to share session tokens across instances.
  • Optimizing start-up process to minimize dashboard-loading time.

BI Consulting Group BI solutions support smooth scaling across your entire enterprise, regardless of technology developments, greater numbers of users, time, or other factors. We understand the importance of enterprise scalability. We can meet your BI scalability requirements.

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