Social Media Analytics

We live in a digital world or rather ‘social digital’ world. This is because so many of us have taken to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites/tools so much so that it has become an obsession for many.

Social media has provided companies with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase and message themselves. Now every company has a social media strategy, mostly directed at messaging and feeling the pulse of the customers. But unfortunately many companies have a strategy more as a ‘place holder’ than to deduce any ‘Monetizable’  Intelligence.

The proliferation of data vis-a -vis social media has turned social media sites into rich breeding grounds for valuable customer insights. Social Media Analytics can bring insights that help you develop and fine-tune your social media activities, and build stronger bonds with your prospects and clients. Track your brand name, organization, or competition related keywords anywhere on the web-based social media. Measure effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns by understanding what works and what does not work for your organization.

Social Media Analytics can help you gain strategic insights and develop competitive strategy by looking into user groups, user forums etc. and catch up on what customers are complaining about. More importantly, Social Media Analytics can piece together information on competitor’s new product strategies!

With BI Consulting Group’s social media integration and analytics solutions, you can collect data directly from Facebook and other sites, and leverage it to positively influence sales and marketing, customer service, product development, and other important operations. Our Social analytics solution will allow you to monitor your competition and establish market segment opportunities and threats Unlike expensive surveys, which deliver outdated intelligence, our solutions offer real-time insight into how audiences perceive your company, your products and services, and your competitors.

To learn on how BI Consultant Group’s Social Media Analytics solutions can provide you valuable customer insight, please contact us.