Volatility and change run rampant in the telecommunications industry. As wireless devices become the norm, bandwidth needs increase and consumers want better service. Deregulation, mergers and acquisitions, service bundling, product diversification, and other marketplace shifts have providers struggling to keep pace. Companies are looking for ways to increase revenue by meeting user needs. In today’s telecommunications market, success is about making the most of your existing customer base, gaining new subscribers while improving network performance, and reducing losses from fraud and signal theft.

In such an environment, how do you quickly roll out new services to increase revenue and make your customers happy- faster than your competitors? Rely on us to provide you with the flexibility to service both upstream partners and downstream customers. Using our services, you can easily roll out new offerings- such as mobile content and cloud applications- that build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

BI Consulting Group experts can help by providing customized solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing your executives the oversight needed to effectively execute strategy and monitor organizational performance. Helping your business managers track key performance indicators such as SAC, ARPU, AMPU and churn rate and providing your engineers timely access to data to help them keep networks running smoothly and ensuring quality service delivery.

We help our customers by presenting a convergent view across the Tele-Media value chain, and act as consultant, vendor and a strategic partner to:

  • Transform IT architecture and IT operations
  • Manage, transform and optimize the business operations
  • Develop and deploy next-generation Value Added Service
  • Understand and address challenges brought about by convergence and rapid innovation
  • Adopt new technologies as a Communications Service Provider (CSP) and support next generation communication
  • Guarantee greater RoI and business benefits.
  • Ensure services are meeting customer expectations. If customers are suddenly experiencing a lot of dropped calls than help identify these problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Key Benefits:

  • Greater flexibility to support new business models
  • Lower churn and improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs through greater operational efficiencies
  • Increased competitiveness with faster time to market
  • More new revenue opportunities- both upstream and downstream