Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is impacted by economic expansions and contractions, competition, evolving labor laws, and increasing regulations surrounding customer data privacy. While the need to manage costs remains imperative, so does the requirement to deliver the best service possible.

BI Consulting Group solutions enable airlines, hotels, amusement parks, movie theaters, casinos, and other travel and hospitality companies to deliver services customized to the specific needs, preferences, and behaviors. Our solutions help travel and hospitality companies build more satisfying customer connections, enhance brand awareness and develop differentiation in a highly competitive industry.

We are uniquely positioned to lead clients toward more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We are one of the few service companies with expertise across the entire industry- from airlines, hotels and restaurants, online and retail travel, to global distribution systems, intermediaries and real-estate companies.

Leading global travel and hospitality organizations use BI Consulting Group’s services to identify player potential, enhance guest experience, improve customer service, implement better promotions, and more accurately analyze revenue indicators. Our solutions provide travel and hospitality and organizations with the ability to make more effective business decisions in: Corporate Management, Operations, CRM, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Entertainment and Retail Performance Analysis.

We develop BI solutions that provide the information our travel and hospitality customers need to make better more informed decisions in key business areas. Our solutions empower companies in the travel and hospitality industry to:

  • Achieve complete visibility into all key business operations by seamlessly integrating information in reservation, customer relationship management, point of sale, gaming, and other systems across multiple brands, chains, and properties
  • Gain greater insight into customer needs and behaviors- when they visit, what they buy, what they eat and drink, and more to enhance the guest experience
  • Maximize revenue by gaining a better understanding of the factors that impact loyalty and consumption
  • Increase efficiency by streamlining and automating routine activities such as staff scheduling and reservations
  • Accurately analyze the success of promotional activities to aid in the development and implementation of smarter, more successful sales and marketing plans in the future
  • Effectively forecast guest attendance and activities to ensure that enough staff, food, and drinks are on hand to satisfy customer needs
  • Track bookings, sales, and cancellations by channel
  • Closely monitor the performance of travel agents and other partners
  • Create a single, consistent view of each patron or guest across all systems that house customer information
  • Ensure compliance with laws and guidelines