Web Site Analytics

Gain a more comprehensive view of your business by analyzing your customer and prospect interaction over time, including multiple web sessions and different communication channels. A Web site analytics service can provide answers to business questions such as:

  • What search engines are sending the traffic?
  • What are the most important keywords?
  • What is my ROI for PPC vs. search engine traffic?
  • Which online marketing campaigns are leading to successful conversions?

Of course, there are many more things a Web analytics service can do. In short, with a Web analytics service, you can track “actions or behaviors” on the Web site that are important for the growth of your business.

BI Consulting Group is fully immersed in all aspects of Internet marketing; we understand not only analytics best practices, but the strategy and execution options behind the statistics we will be helping you analyze. Unlike others, we will not throw numbers at you, but will provide you with reliable interpretation and insightful suggestions for improving your online effectiveness.

Key Benefits:

A few reasons why you must consider opting for BI Consulting Group’s web analytics solutions and services:

  • You can better understand how your visitors are experiencing and interacting with your site. Based on this, you can make your website more functional and easy-to-use
  • You can get a better insight on your website. You can improve your site and enhance a visitor’s experience at your website
  • Web analytics can help you understand the conversion rate of your visitors and provide you with solutions to maximize the conversion rate
  • With data on your site’s entrance pages, exit pages and visitor activity, you can take actionable steps to improve the performance of your website
  • Find out the traffic patterns on your site and get information on where they break down
  • Web analytics can help you maximize the potential of your website

All this can result in an increased bottom-line and improved ROI!